Coffee House 43

Independent Coffee House serving artisan coffee, cakes and savoury bakes
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We Believe In Coffee That Tastes Incredible

Independent Coffee House serving artisan coffee, cakes and savoury bakes

Locally produced Award winning JAMs, Marmalades and honey

Hoopers Honey

Award winning Jams and Marmalades

We are very lucky to serve Artisan Kitchen jams and marmalades.

Artisan Kitchen is Sarah Churchill who is a trained chef and passionate foodie. Sarah set up Artisan in 2011, based in Gloucester creating delicious award winning preserves and marmalades. They are handmade and homemade in a big copper pot bubbling away at the heart of her small Gloucestershire kitchen.

The inspiration behind her business was a local Mirabelle plum tree that year after year would shed its wonderful fragrant fruit on the pavement with no takers. Sarah approached the owner of the tree to see if he would like to swap his fruit for some preserves and one truly local batch of jam later The Artisan Kitchen was created.


Hoopers Honey

Hooper's Honey

Hooper’s honey keeps a few hives of bees in the corner of an ancient perry orchard between Gloucester and Stroud. Their bees forage on apple and pear blossom, clover and blackberry,

Hooper’s honey is harvested from the surplus the bees make, and bottled raw, with minimum processing.

Fresh Beans

We use fresh beans and grind them daily

Great Coffee

The Best Coffee Shop

Coffee Bean

Best Beans

Coffee Bean

Quality Milk

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

Opened on 1st October 2022, our coffee story began with the help of our customers